How much is the Information in your computer worth?  What would you do if your computer suddenly Crashed? Who would you Call?

They say that every 18 months the technology in this country doubles while the cost remains the same.  The computer industry is a dynamic, constantly moving and growing industry. Just when people are just getting use to Windows XP, they come out with Vista. The moment someone pays off that new state of the art computer, it is obsolete.  What was hot yesterday, is dead today.  Every minute some piece of software wants to do an update.  All you wanted was a business tool that just worked right without driving you crazy. 

KATHE Computer is a small business helping other small businesses to survive the technology age.  When you consult with us, we can show you the best ways to navigate the technology onslaught we all see everyday. We can help you plan, purchase and deliver quality computer solutions at the best cost.  Through proven technologies, we can install and maintain your critical computer needs and help to safeguard your valuable information.

Our goal is to gain long term clients by providing a consistent level of quality computer services and support. We accomplish this by providing our clients with confidential guidance and professional services at a reasonable price.   We are effective  at this because we understand the  small business need to get the "biggest bang for the buck".  We enjoy becoming a catalyst to your business success and growth.


Contact: Tom Earle,, (440) 570-4773